Amanda Cosco on the Detangled Podcast

Earlier in April, we announced Electric Runway founder Amanda Cosco was going to be a guest on Detangled on CIUT-FM, the radio station out of the University of Toronto. Hosted by our friends Vasiliki (Vass) Bednar and Allison Smith, Detangled covers society and culture from a women’s perspective. Last time she was on the program, Amanda was asked to talk about wearable and fashion tech. This time she was tapped to shed light on emerging trends in retail. Our conversation touches on everything from augmented reality mirrors to the so-called “death of retail” and the store of the future. Listen to the full interview here (Episode 53 starts at 18.00)




Amazon Introduces Echo Look

#OOTD and #OOTN Instagrammers rejoice, your favourite new gadget is on the way. The Echo Look is a new fashion tech device from Amazon that combines everything you love about AI assistant Alexa with everything you’ve dreamed about from a personal stylist.

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ElektroCouture presents #MarleneGlows

We’re continually impressed with the house of Elektrocouture, and their latest creation is no exception. In case you haven’t heard, Elektrocouture is one of the only fashion houses in the world producing prêt-à-porter fashion technologies. This means they’re not just creating costumes and concepts, but actually ready-to-wear fashion tech. In addition to brand-building with major companies such as Deutsche Telekom and Premium Exhibitions, Elektrocouture also has fostered relationships with a network of designers, including Anja Dragan. Dragan holds a MA in fashion design from ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, and has interned for the likes of  Iris van Herpen.

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Let Talk About Bots, Baby

Back in November, we asked, have chatbots gone chic?  Episode 42 of the podcast introduced you to Epytom, a digital styling service founded by Anastasia Sartan and Marianna Milkis-Edwards. The premise of the bot, which talks to you via Facebook messenger, is that you only need 40 pieces of clothing to have endless, effortless style—and that includes shoes and accessories. The chatbot uses artificial intelligence to understand and essentially quantify style so it can tell you exactly what to wear each day.

Today, we were so happy to learn the startup stole the spotlight at Facebook’s annual F8 conference. CEO and founder Anastasia Sartan was one of four panellists asked to speak on chatbots. You can watch the full panel discussion here.

Congrats! We can’t wait to see what’s next for this fashion bot ??


Would you wear this Smart Bra?

Wearable tech is getting more intimate than ever. As sensors become thinner and more flexible, it’s becoming easier to integrate technology into textiles. A new wave of fashionable wearables won’t just sit on the wrist, but will come in contact with even our most private parts. Among this new generation of products is VITALI, a smart bra designed with wellness in mind.

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