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CES 2016

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    Fashion Ware Show at CES 2016

    In our search for fashion tech at CES, we check out the annual Fashion Ware show, hosted by fashion designer and former project runway contestant Nick Verreos.…

  • FashTechTV

    Fitbit Blaze is a Fitness-First Wearable

    From CES 2016: We speak with Youmi Bang, Product Marketing Manager for Accessories at Fitbit, about the new Fitbit Blaze and how the company plans to differentiate itself from other smartwatches…

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    CES Day 3 Fashion Tech Round-up

    We spent Day 3 of CES in the Wearable Tech section of The Sands at CES. Here’s what we found at the intersection of fashion and tech: A Robot that Folds…

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    CES Day 2 Fashion Tech Round-Up

    We’re in the eye of the storm at CES searching for #FashTech on the showroom floor. Here’s what we found Day 2 at the intersection of fashion and tech. FashionWare Show…

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    CES Day 1 Fashion Tech Round-up

    Day one of the Consumer Electronics show is coming to a close. So what happened today in terms of fashion tech? FitBit Announces a Smartwatch Up-close look at the @Fitbit blaze…

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    Samsung Debuting Smart Belt at #CES2016

    For those of you who like your wearable tech served more ‘wearable’ and less ‘tech,’ Samsung has cooked up something just for you (provided you’re a dude, or like wearing dude’s belts). In…