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    Cover Girl Launches AI-Driven Customization App

    As made-to-order makeup upstarts such as Toronto-based Bite are gathering momentum, beauty brands everywhere are innovating to offer more personalized products and experiences. This month, Cover Girl is officially rolling out its Custom Blend app, a smartphone application that leverages facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence to mix and match unique shades of foundation specific to their customer’s skin tone. The technology enables Cover Girl to cut out retailers by selling direct to consumers, signalling a newfound intimacy between cosmetics companies and their customers.

    Cover Girl’s Custom Blend app, which is available for iOS users across the U.S., offers women a bespoke alternative to the few-shades-for-all approach to foundation. After inputting basic data such as their name and e-mail address, users are invited to scan their face via their smartphone’s camera and the app’s integrated panoramic video-scanning software. Custom Blend then analyzes skin colour, intensity and undertone, and generates a unique numeric indicator.

    Read my full article for WWD on their website. 

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