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    Switching on the Apparel Industry

    As promised, we’re back to our regular podcast programming this week, and oh boy do we have an episode for you! In this episode of the podcast (which is available on iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher)Fashion Tech journalist Amanda Cosco speaks with Julie Vargas of Avery Dennison and Andy Hobsbawm of EVRYTHNG. For years, Avery Dennison has been known for their labels and tags. Now, they’re collaborating with smart products platform EVRYTHNG to push apparel into the digital age.

    Using RFID, mobile, and sensor-based technology, Avery Dennison has publically announced ambitions to digitze ten billion items of apparel and footwear in the next few years. This initiative, called “Born Digital” enables us to rethink the relationship between clothing, content, and consumers. In collaboration with Hobsbawm’s IoT team, the company has worked with fashion designers such as NYC-based Rochambeau to produce connected jackets that unlock different city-based experiences.Tune in to learn more about their brave new vision for the future of fashion.


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