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Hello everyone! I’m Genevieve, the newest contributor to Electric Runway and to kick off my first article, I’d like to introduce myself.  

In 2012 I made the worst discovery ever— that fashion, my favourite thing in the world, was terrible for the planet. For instance, did you know the fashion industry creates more greenhouse gas emissions than the combined amount of the aviation and shipping industries? Did you also know the dyes from some of your favourite jeans have poisoned water systems for entire towns? I didn’t know, either. But the problem with me? I can’t unsee things. And so, I began to write about it. 

Enter 2019, and here I am, still writing about it. Only now it’s become a much larger conversation spanning multiple industries, with real progress being made. Even better, it’s allowed me the opportunity to work with like-minded designers, creators, and brands like Canadian luxury retailer Holt Renfrew and their sustainability initiative, The H Project, to create even more awareness around what sustainable fashion looks like. 

What I’ve personally discovered on this journey is this: technology is one of the best answers to sustainability. The world of fashion-tech is booming, and it’s providing countless new solutions to some of the biggest fashion woes. From 3-D printed glasses to lab-grown diamonds (indistinguishable from real ones, even to the expert eye) to blockchain systems improving supply chain transparency, there is so much that can be improved with fashion-tech. This is why I’ve chosen to write for the best in fashion-tech sources, Electric Runway. 

My goal for the future is to build awareness around the possibilities for creating a more sustainable fashion industry through the endless potential of fashion-tech. And the absolute best thing about the intersection of fashion and technology? For me, it’s the ability to preserve the beautiful design and construction of what we wear without the negative impact of fast fashion—or the granola vibes of slow fashion. My hope with all of this is that I can present you with another cool, possibly unexpected, application of this field. 

If you’re wondering what I get up to when I’m not writing for Electric Runway, you can typically find me working on my website at genevievewright.com, covering events in the fashion and tech spaces, or finally, at the gym covered with bruises trying to perfect a power clean for the thousandth time. You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter. I look forward to joining this community!

Genevieve Wright
Genevieve Wright is a fashion-tech journalist focusing on the potential of tech in the field of sustainability. She’s the founder of genevievewright.com where she gets to explore this field through interviews with industry thought leaders, brand collaborations and event coverage, spanning both the fashion and tech worlds. She's written for Mercedes-Benz, Fairmont Hotels, Experience Magazine and Positive Luxury. You can follow her on Instagram @Genevieve.r.w and Twitter @Genevieve_RW.

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