Electric Runway is where fashion meets technology

Colour-changing dress by Julianna Bass

Established in 2015, Electric Runway is a multimedia project with an ongoing mission to discover and document how digital technology is transforming the $2.4 trillion fashion industry around the world. Through a variety of cultural content, including YouTube videos, podcasts, and thought leadership events, Electric Runway explores technological innovation through the lens of fashion. Our goal is to illuminate the future of apparel, retail, manufacturing, and consumer experiences. 



Electric Runway is dedicated to continued inquiry and interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing. We do this by producing well-researched and informative thought-leadership content, including articles, videos, podcasts, and events. We participate in speaking engagements, academic lectures, and international delegations focused on cross-cultural information exchanges


From the stories we tell to the companies we collaborate with, innovation is what drives us. Electric Runway celebrates and advocates for design-thinking in tech and startup-style innovation in fashion. We champions tech-driven and sustainable solutions for better products and healthier, more transparent supply chains.


Electric Runway partners with a variety of events, organizations, and companies to deepen our research and reporting and advance our mission around the world.


Electric Runway cultivates a culture of inclusivity across industries and helps build a community of innovators and change-makers who work to design a more collaborative, sustainable and equitable future for everyone.

Amanda Cosco is a Canadian Journalist with a Decade of Experience in Multimedia Storytelling

Through Electric Runway, Amanda has reported from the front lines of every stage of the fashion supply chain, from garment factories in Bangladesh to the front row at New York Fashion Week. She has delivered keynote presentations to several international delegations on fashion innovation all over the world. Amanda’s research and reporting on fashion tech have been published by The Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, WWD and more. Amanda has appeared on TV and radio programs including CBC, TVO, and Sirius XM. She lives in Toronto.