electric runway is a global brand synonymous with the future of fashion



What started as a wearable technology runway show curated for the Maker Festival in Toronto has grown into a global brand synonymous with the future of fashion. Electric Runway was founded by Amanda Cosco in July of 2015 with the aim of exploring and showcasing the radical and surprising ways in which fashion and technology were colliding.

Since then, we’ve solidified our reputation as a leading voice at the forefront of the rapid transformation of apparel and retail not just in North America but around the world.

Today, we continue to shape the conversation through our events, reporting, podcast, and YouTube channel. We also share our expertise through our consulting services so others can benefit from our experience and global perspective.

Our mission is to provide inspiration and insights to help push the fashion industry into the future. Fashion as we know it, with its century-old ideologies and processes, is in the process of transformation. Rather than fearing disruption, we embrace it. We believe a more sustainable, transparent, and inclusive fashion industry is on the horizon. #TheFutureIsNow, and it’s not fashionable (or profitable) to be late.


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The apparel, accessories, and even footwear of the future will be smarter, more personalized, and hyper-connected


The customer of tomorrow will shop in radically different ways that the customer of today.


We're witnessing a new kind of industrial revolution that can be felt across the economy.

Amanda cosco is a leading #fashiontech consultant, speaker and writer


One part geek and the other part chic, Amanda Cosco is a leading voice at the intersection of fashion and technology. She is committed to bridging the gap between these two seemingly opposite industries to help humanize technology and to help push the fashion industry into the future.

As a consultant, Amanda shares her expertise in the fashion tech space to save her clients time and money, and to help future-proof business models.

In addition to contributing to notable publications such as WWD, The Toronto Star, and Wareable, Amanda has shared her insights through talks given on both local and international stages. She continues to travel the globe to stay at the front lines of this emerging and exciting niche.

Amanda earned a Master’s of Arts from Ryerson University in Toronto. Prior to attending Ryerson, Amanda graduated suma cum laude (with highest honours) from York University. She also holds a certificate of digital media skills from OCAD University.

Amanda is chair of the Fashion Business & Management Program Advisory Committee at Centennial College.


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As a fashion tech consultant, Amanda is passionate about putting her industry-leading insights and expertise to work. Her consulting services save her clients time and money and help to future-proof business models


A seasoned speaker with experience on both local and international stages, Amanda shares her subject-matter expertise through TV and radio appearances, keynote speaking, panel moderation, event hosting, and educational lectures


Amanda is a multimedia journalist with reporting capabilities and a knack for on-camera hosting. She has written extensively on wearable technology and the future of fashion for notable publications and is the host of the Electric Runway podcast and YouTube channel.

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  • Our niche focus allows us to be experts in the fashion tech space
  • Our global network enables us to be super-connectors
  • We understand the landscape better than anyone else, including your best competition and allies
  • Our insights can identify strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to help future-proof your business
  • We are a female-led, millennial focused company with an eye on the future