The Aesthetics of Prosthetics: The ALLELES Design Studio

The Alleles Design Studio

After a brief holiday break, the Electric Runway podcast is back in action and SO READY to take on 2017! We thought we’d kick off the year with an inspiring episode with one of our favourite ?Canadian companies?—the ALLELES Design Studio. This Victoria-based startup is changing the game when it comes to inclusive fashion by crafting beautiful prosthetic covers for amputees. You can check out some of their amazing designs below.

In this episode, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco interviews the company’s art director, McCauley Wanner, and technology director, Ryan Palibroda. Learn about how the two non-prosthetic-wearers came up with the idea to treat prosthetics like fashion, as well as their recent visit to the White House to participate in a runway show on inclusive design.

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Fashion is one of THE most powerful means of self expression, and the basis of why we started ALLELES. Love this combo of @mamacaxx in her suit with her baby yellow MTL cover. Check out @mamacaxx ‘s blog to read her post on the power of the pantsuit! ??❤️ . . . Regram by @mamacaxx: “Like a girl: Pink suit edition • “…My father would have a meeting in town then put me in charge of picking out his outfit…Although far from a fashionisto, he had his own fashion rules….Over the years I’d watch him tediously get ready, I was a master of his rules and would observe him delicately inspect my options all laid out on his bed. He would get dressed and walk around with the elegance of a peacock around his well lit bedroom. I’d pat myself on the back but also wondering why I’d never seen women in suits, and so began my fascination with male attire.? Link in bio. Suit : @asos Sweater & sunnies : @shopbando Leg cover : @alleles #pantsuit #likeagirl #mamacax #alleleswomen _________________________________”

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Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway


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