Automat Aims to Take Fashion Tech from Prototype to Production

How do we take fashion tech from prototype to production? Up until this point, a lot of the fashion tech we’ve seen are costume and concept pieces, meant strictly for the stage, the runway, or for photo shoots. How do we move fashion tech forward from prototypes to products that actually touch consumer’s everyday lives? On today’s episode of the Electric Runway podcast, I share my interview with Fredrik Timour, the CEO of Neue Labs and the founder of Automat. Automat is a toolkit for enabling fashion tech.


Automat enables fashion designers to create wearables without learning advanced programming skills. With toolkits shipping later this summer, Automat is posed to be the plug-and-play solution for creating fashion tech.

In case you haven’t already seen it, I wrote an article for WWD on Automat. You can check it out here (subscribers only). This was the interview behind that article.

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Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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