Automation and AI are coming for the Fashion Industry

In episode 123 of the Electric Runway podcast, we’re talking about how technology is changing bespoke apparel.

The word “bespoke” is derived from the British word “bespeak” which means to discuss in advance or to order or reserve something. You can see here why the word has had a long-standing relationship with tailoring and tailor-made clothing. At one time, garments were created based on consumer demand and to their measurements and specifications. While the industrial revolution may have moved us towards mass manufacturing, we may be returning to an era of highly customized clothing—only this time, technologies including software, 3D body scans, and artificial intelligence are making it easier and more efficient than ever to scale the bespoke experience.

Our guest today is Marc Close,  the co-founder and CEO of Bespokify. Bespokify is a fashion-tech company that creates customizable and bespoke-fitting apparel patterns instantly.  Bespokify enables custom fashion to be made as efficiently and affordably as mass-production, and in the process, it eliminates returns because of poor fit, helps build inventory-less fashion brands, and opens the door to AI-driven design.

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Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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