CES Day 2 Fashion Tech Round-Up

We’re in the eye of the storm at CES searching for #FashTech on the showroom floor. Here’s what we found Day 2 at the intersection of fashion and tech.

FashionWare Show


The CES FashionWare Show returned for its sixth year in a row. Fashion and technology meet for a date on the runway of the Venetian Ballroom, hosted by Project Runway’s Nick Verreros. Highlights from the show were an all-black dress fully printed from a home printer, as well as a UI dress that connects to any smartphone to display information on the body.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for our CES fashion tech video, including shots from the runway, as well as Amanda’s interview with Nick.

Favourite piece of #FashionTech from the #CES2016 #fashionwareshow

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Smart Sneakers from Under Armour

Image via Mashable
Image via Mashable

Sports apparel brand Under Armour is keeping on top of their fashion-forward game with the announcement of their smart shoes, Gemini 2. These sensor-filled sneakers are fitness trackers for your feet. They measure workouts based on distance travelled and calories burned. The best part? You can leave your smartphone at home. The shoes collect information even when not tethered to your phone. Data is later transmitted to the corresponding app, a hint at the future of wearables that aren’t dependant on smartphone connectivity.

Refinery 29 Shows off Dream Loft

Refinery 29 invited us inside their dream loft in the Wynn Hotel, a futuristic living space curated by garment engineer Billie Whitehouse (You may remember Billie from our first podcast episode). The dream loft was filled with smart and stylish features, including a holographic advertisement from MAS Innovation. Billie also hosted a fireside chat on the future of fashion with key speakers from MAS. 

It seems appropriate that on our search for fashion tech we’d run into Liz Bacelar of Decoded Fashion. We had the chance to speak with her in on the patio of the Refinery 29 loft about her thoughts on fashion tech at CES.

Stay tuned for our full write-up on the Refinery 29 dream loft as well as our video of fashion tech at CES featuring the full interview with Liz.

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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