How BioTechnology with Bring our Clothes to Life

This week on the Electric Runway Podcast, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco talks with Wen Wang, a researcher out of the MIT Tangible Media Group. Through her research and work, Wen helps us imagine a future where our clothes are grown at home and clean themselves (!) In this episode, we take you for a deep dive into the future of biotechnology and how innovations in material science will impact the fashion industry.

Biohybrid Wearables is a brand new area in fashion tech. They’re created by adding biological elements to synthetic materials. By encasing fabrics with bacteria, Wen and her fellow researchers are improving the interactivity in their garments, creating a second skin that reacts to your body’s condition. One of their recent project, BioLogic, showcases this technology in action by means of a set of sports suits that are self-ventilating, which helps improve performance.

Tune in to hear about the endless possibilities for the future of fabrication.

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Images & video via Tangible Media Group


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