Creating your Cinderella Moment with FTSY

They say if the shoe fits, then wear it, but when the shoe doesn’t fit, it’s a very literal pain-point. Perhaps this is why most consumers are hesitant to purchase shoes online. I for one am not one of those consumers—I’ve ordered shoes from the internet—but I didn’t realize that I am the exception to the rule. In fact, according to research from Fung Global Retail and Technology, while 78% of US consumers will search for clothing and footwear online, only 10% will complete their purchase.

My guest today wants to help close that gap by giving consumers confidence in their purchasing process when ordering footwear online. Ryan Smith is the founder of FTSY, an easy-to-use and accurate platform that matches people to shoes. By making style and size recommendations as effectively as a seasoned salesperson, FTSY wants to give everyone their Cinderella moment.

In this episode, Ryan explains how his company is leveraging AI, computer vision, and machine learning to become the Trip Advisor for shopping for shoes online. 



Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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