Designing Virtual Stores and Showrooms with Dyson

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Virtual showrooms- 3D clickable, user-centric branded spaces—were once a nice-to-have, a way of testing out futuristic experiences in a way that complements a company’s physical retail footprint. But with the ongoing pandemic, virtual showrooms are becoming a meaningful way of extending the customer experience, especially ahead of the holiday season.

In episode 129, Fashion Futurist Amanda Cosco speaks with Sean Newmarch, the Global eCommerce Director at the household appliances technology company, Dyson. Recently, Amanda had the opportunity to step into one of Dyson’s virtual showrooms using the Oculus Quest to find out first-hand how the company is leveraging technology to increase engagement and conversion beyond just the holidays.

Screentshot of inside the Dyson VR Experience where users are invited to explore the technology of their beauty products in ways not possible in-store.
The Dyson VR demo lets users try beauty tools on strands of hair to demonstrate the effect and airflow of each product.
Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway