Disabled AF: How to Build Inclusivity into the Internet of the Future

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The metaverse continues to present narratives of transcendence, where people can be whoever they want to be despite their physical limitations. But as we continue to build the internet of tomorrow, it’s important to pause and ask, who is being afforded these narratives of transcendence, and who isn’t?  And perhaps more importantly when it comes to disability, how can we incorporate disability instead of trying to ascend it?

My guest today is Natalie Trevonne, a disability advocate and consultant for media and fashion. She shares her story of blindness and blackness, and what the fashion industry needs to know about accessibility. Natalie designed a dress for the upcoming Metaverse Fashion Week, which will take place this week in Decentraland.

So how exactly does a blind person design a dress? Tune in to find out.

The Nessa Dress was designed by Natalie Trevonne in collaboration with Threedium


Natalie Trevonne models a digital version of the Nessa Dress

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