Dresslife Wants to be the Waze of Shopping

According to a recent report on the State of Artificial Intelligence put out by the MIT technology review, out of 1,500 senior executives in the US, about three quarters of them say AI is transforming their companies in the next 3 years, and 92% of them said the technology was important or very important to their internal business processes.  

Today on the show, we’re continuing our conversation of how artificial intelligence can be applied to the fashion industry. Our guest today is Dr. Julian Hensolt, the co-founder of Dresslife. Dresslife is a startup using artificial intelligence to make it easier for shoppers to discover and purchase items they love and that fit. In fashion, fit means both the physical measurements of a garment as well as how well an item fits the style of the person wearing it. 

Dresslife aims to contribute to a future of fashion where there are fewer returns and a more personalized way to discover and shop online.

Having completed his PhD in Supply Chain Management, Julian identified major challenges in the fashion industry, which sparked the idea for Dresslife. His team observed complicated and ever-changing datasets like in traffic and weather to understand how AI can improve upon inefficiencies in an industry with multiple seasons, styles, and sizes.


Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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