Electric Runway Shows How Far We’ve Come with Fashion Technology

Our launch party and future fashion runway show was covered by Tech Vibes. Here’s a snippet:

Technology has always sought to find a blend with clothing.

Just think of the Star Trek communicator badge introduced in The Next Generation; members of Starfleet could activate the badge with just a light tap on the left-hand side of their uniform. It symbolises a meaningful and efficient integration of fashion and technology.

It’s no secret that people want practicality with their clothing, but there will always be innovators who push the boundaries of what fashion is becoming. On Thursday night at 918 Bathurst St., Electric Runway is showcasing just how far we’ve come with more than just wearable technology.

In coordination with the Toronto Maker Festival launch party, the technology runway explores the intersection of fashion and technology by pairing garment-focused designers with hardware companies to create complete outfits.

“Fashion-tech isn’t an accessory. It demands to be part of an outfit and for me truly epitomizes our increasing intimacy with technology,” said curator Amanda Cosco.

Electric Runway Shows How Far We’ve Come with Fashion Technology

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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