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Redesigned and Reimagined Fashion with Technology

March 18 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

How is technology redesigning the future of the fashion industry?

With shifts in the global landscape accelerating digital transformation, fashion’s early adopters are challenging what is possible with the integration of technology into the way they envisage, engage, design and deliver. While traditional engagement strategies have focused on e-commerce and digital marketing solutions, the fashion visionaries of today are re-imagining the vision of tomorrow.

Engaging with consumers in new ways, the new frontier of fashion is defined by the symmetry of a digitally enabled landscape that is global while also being more personal and meaningful. As the digital agenda continues to evolve, inspiration has come both from within fashion and from industries that have surprised.

Together with technological advancement, the current global environment has presented the greatest opportunity to shift mindsets and behaviours of both the industry and consumers. Virtual worlds are now open to all and are not constrained by traditional limitations of logistics, geography and accessibility.

Speakers to be announced soon.

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