Crypto Fashion Week 2021

Crypto Fashion Week is the premier event putting the worlds of fashion and digital culture information. Assembling an avant-garde community of designers, crypto practitioners, artists, and enthusiasts for a week-long exploration of blockchain-powered digital fashion. An innovative and informative way to encounter what’s next for trendsetting online, offline, and hybrid houses of style. CFW is […]


Fashion Takes Action is a non-profit established in 2007, with a mission to advance sustainability in the fashion industry through education, awareness, research and collaboration. Since 2014, our World Ethical Apparel Roundtable, or WEAR conference and webinar series, has brought together the entire fashion system to learn, network and collaborate. Each month, we address the barriers to […]

LDC x INTERLACED: Fashion Gaming Futures

Join LDC and Interlaced's digital panel discussion as we delve into the world of fashion and gaming and look at how it's becoming mainstream About this Event While putting ‘fashion’ and ‘gaming’ in the same sentence two years ago seemed like a typo, in today’s reality fashion’s relationship with gaming is flourishing at an unprecedented […]


The Future of Shopping in the Web using 3D and Virtual Reality powered by OZONE UNIVERSE. Discover the future now. For retailers and malls. In this meetup, we invite you for a quick tour of the demo version of a Virtual Shopping experience powered by Ozone Universe. This is a virtual world in 3D in […]

Redesigned and Reimagined Fashion with Technology

How is technology redesigning the future of the fashion industry? With shifts in the global landscape accelerating digital transformation, fashion's early adopters are challenging what is possible with the integration of technology into the way they envisage, engage, design and deliver. While traditional engagement strategies have focused on e-commerce and digital marketing solutions, the fashion […]

Digital Fashion Online Summit

An online conference designed for fashion brand owners, marketing managers, and digital product strategists to discover new technology. What Will You Learn About? DIGITAL AVATARS | CRYPTO-FASHION | GAMING | VR | AR | 3D E-COMMERCE 3D DESIGN | 3D ANIMATION | 3D PRINTING | ON-DEMAND MANUFACTURING | WEARABLE TECH FOR THE WORKPLACE | LUXURY […]

Beauty Tech Conference

Beauty Tech Live’s mission is to help beauty industry executives keep up with and navigate the fast-changing world of technology, better integrate tech into their strategy to respond to consumer needs, anticipate market shifts and trends and prepare for the business of tomorrow. Its aim is to become the showcase for the latest tech innovations […]

WoW members monthly gathering – Wearables, Fashion and Fashion Tech

Join us every second Wednesday of the month for an informal online meetup where WoW members from wearable tech and fashion tech space can meet each other virtually, share experiences, ask for help or just connect with other like-minded people! With headquarters in London (UK) and more than 20,000 members located around the globe, WoW has […]