Fashion Tech at CES 2017: 10 Events, Companies + Products to Watch

In just a few days, hundreds of thousands will pour into Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Over the years, the convention that was traditionally attended by gamers and tech enthusiasts has grown into a showroom for the future—a glimpse into what’s to come for every industry. And while fashion may not be front and centre amidst a sea of television screens and drones, it’s certainly finding its way in. As technology creeps closer to the skin, we’re seeing wearables occupy more space on the showroom floor, and with that comes more of a concern for style and aesthetic (and that’s fashion, baby!) Here’s what we’re keeping an eye on in terms of fashion tech at CES 2017:

1. Living in Digital Times Fashion Ware Runway Show


You may be surprised to hear that CES has its very own runway show. Put on by Living in Digital Times, the Fashion Ware Runway Show is a display of new innovations in fashion tech, connected clothing, and smart jewellery. While the show is small and can only be caught by appointment three times on January 6th, it’s definitely worth a stop at the Sands. Details and more information here.

2. Wearable Tech Marketplace
The Wearables Marketplace will display everything from high-tech fashion and smart jewellery to wearables that track your mood, activity, and even your pets, as well as the newest augmented reality devices. Wander halls A-D of the second floor of the Sands to try out more wearables than you’ll know what to do with. More here.

3. The Crown Jewels 
In addition to trying out some of the latest wearable tech in the marketplace, we also suggest attending some of the talks organised as part of the conference track, known as the wearable tech summit. The Crown Jewels is a panel that promises to touch on the elegance and interactivity of next-gen jewellery, with speakers from the likes of Fossil. For more, follow the link.

4. The Science of New Retail Behaviour
Each technology transformation means a learning curve and a new way of thinking for consumers. What do we know about how consumers are interacting with these new devices now and in the future? The Science of New Retail Behaviour will tackle these questions and more. Notable speakers include Andy Hobsbawm, Founder and CMO of EVRYTHING and Anne Marie Stephen, CEO and Founder of Kwolia. Details here.

5. Beauty Tech Marketplace
See for yourself how technology is transforming the beauty space by visiting ballrooms G-H of the Venetian. From magic mirrors to high-tech spa treatments, you’ll learn how technology fits into the beauty regime of the future. More here.

6. Wisewear
Last year at CES, we fell in love with Wisewear, a luxury bangle with features such as activity tracking, mobile notifications, and distress messaging. This year, the company has promised to reveal new collections from iconic designer Iris Apfel. You can also catch founder Gerry Wilmink on stage speaking about how wearables can keep us looking good and staying safe. More information here. (ICYMI Check out our Wisewear unboxing video)

7. Smart Glasses
Are smart glasses coming back? With Snap Inc’s Spectacles making a splash in late 2016, the upcoming year is showing new signs of life in the space. Vuzix, a developer and supplier of smart glasses, has already taken home four CES 2017 innovation awards for its creation of glasses for business + enterprise as well as entertainment + gaming. Catch them at Central Hall Booth #13246.

Even more exciting for us fashion-loving folks was the announcement in late December that Toronto-based InteraXon, creators of Muse, the brain-sensing headband, are teaming up with Italian manufacturer Safilo Group to release a pair of smart glasses that measure your emotional state. Safilo makes frames for the likes of Dior and Fendi, so we’re certain these specs will be on point. No word yet on where they’ll be stationed at CES, but the glasses are due to be released summer 2017.

8. HiMirror
“Magic” mirrors were in no short supply last year, and we’re sure to see more of them in the coming years. While for the most part, augmented reality and interactive mirrors were seen in the retail space, we’re interested to see how technology will transform our mirrors at home. HiMirror is one company staking claim in that space with its skin analysis technology and has already received honourable mention by the CES 2017 Innovation Awards Program. While the idea of having a digital camera in the washroom may be unsettling for some, we’d love to see this tech in action on the show floor to get a better sense of its benefits.

9. Helix Cuff 
If you’ve ever forgotten your earbuds at home, you know what a pain this can be. Perhaps that’s why products like Tinsel and Buttons are merging music with wearables so you can literally wear your tunes. Add to that list Helix, a wearable cuff with bluetooth headphones. While we’re not entirely impressed with the design, we’d love to try them out in person to test the audio quality and get a closer look at the design.

10. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar
These days, our furry friends are an extension of ourselves, which is why we’d go to great lengths to keep them healthy and safe. The Link AKC Smart Collar is a GPS collar with fitness and health tracking capabilities. While we’ve seen lots of clip-on devices in wearable-tech-for-pets category, we love Link AKC’s integrated design and fast-tracking feautres, which can help find your dog in moments.

Bonus: #R29XCES

Last year, Refinery29 dazzled us with their CES Dream Suite, an immersive suite showcasing the latest in connected living. This year, they’re at it again in the Wynn Encore Hospitality Suite, which is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. January 5-6 to selected invitees.


What are you most looking forward to in terms of fashion tech at CES? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter. Bonus: Check out our video below on three fashion tech companies to watch from CES 2016. Stay tuned to the Electric Runway YouTube channel for more videos and recaps covering the intersection of fashion and technology.

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway


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