How a Festival Fashion Brand Turned to Digital Wearables and NFTs to Stay Relevant During the Pandemic

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, which may explain why a crop of emerging fashion designers who were just starting out at the onset of the pandemic were able to innovate the way they reach their community in a Web 3 environment.

My guest today says that her brand is not about the clothes, but that the clothes are an entry point into the brand, which is all about harnessing the imagination. Other entry points include augmented reality filters, digital wearables, and collectibles that share the same aesthetic sensibility.

Anya Ayoung-Chee is the founder and director of WYLD FLWR, a festival fashion apparel brand inspired by carnival culture and Burning Man. Anya is also the winner of Project Runway Season 9, as well as a former Miss Universe representing Trinidad and Tobago. So needless to say, she is someone who is no stranger to entertainment and performance.

Our conversation takes you through how she entered the world of NFTs and crypto out of necessity after WYLD FLWR’s launch was overshadowed by COVID-19. Anya also shares how she’s bringing her community together through a shared vision of global women’s empowerment through fashion.


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