How is Technology Helping Jewellery Stores Offer Responsibly Produced Products

The latest data shows that 1% of the world’s gems are still sourced from regions of conflict. Additionally, many pieces of jewellery (especially those that are produced quickly and inexpensively) are having damaging effects on the environment and climate change. In addition to looking for beauty and quality, one essential aspect of finding exceptional jewellery pieces is holding retailers accountable for offering responsibly-produced rings, necklaces, bracelets, and the like. Thankfully, innovations in technology have made it easier and more affordable for business owners to meet this growing demand. Explore three innovative ways that technology is helping jewellery stores offer ethical and socially-conscious pieces:

Lab-created diamonds ensure conflict-free sourcing

By now, most people who regularly wear jewellery are well aware of the problems that can exist with diamond sourcing. For decades, and still to this day, diamonds purchased from certain regions have been linked to the financing of terror movements, as well as humanitarian injustices. To completely avoid the possibility of these ethical issues, gems and stones created using scientific techniques in labs are now a popular solution. In fact, the lab-grown gem industry is growing by 15% a year. Although those who are new to the concept may be wary about appearance, the techniques behind lab-produced diamonds have advanced so much that there is no discernible difference between a “real” diamond. To create a diamond in a lab, scientists use techniques such as crystal pulling, flame fusion, and hydrothermal growth.

The latest recycling tech is making it easier to offer eco-conscious pieces

Another major concern with jewellery production is the impact on the environment. Certain gems and metals are sourced in ways that devastate habitats, harm wildlife, and contribute to global warming. Due to these impacts, consumers will force more and more jewellery stores to carry eco-conscious pieces. The latest recycling technology now allows jewellery makers to recycle gold, silver, and diamonds. When repurposed with innovative moulds, jewellers across the globe have been able to craft gorgeous new pieces without any negative impact on the environment.

Smart jewellery providing real-time self-care

In addition to providing ethically and socially-conscious solutions for consumers, smart jewellery technology is now helping individuals practice self-care in real-time. Startups and established brands like Oura Ring, Bellabeat, and Fitbit make beautiful pendants and rings that track sleep, activity, and one’s overall stress levels. When an individual could use improvement in a given area, these pendants (which are connected to a smartphone app) provide helpful reminders and recommendations.

Based on the current tech and jewellery trends, it is clear that consumers are going to continue demanding pieces of jewellery that are as ethical, environmentally-conscious, and helpful as possible. In the coming years, we’ll only see the technology used to produce these pieces advance, which will result in even higher quality and more state-of-the-art features.

Article by Guest Contributor Karoline Gore

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