In a World of Greenwashing, Modern Meadow is the Real Deal

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Advancements in science have opened up new possibilities for fashion manufacturing.  One promising application of biotechnology in the textile industry is the development of lab-grown or “cultured” materials such as leather and silk. These materials are created by growing cells in a lab, without the need for animal agriculture or the use of harmful chemicals. By doing so, they offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional textile production methods, which often have significant environmental impacts. And, if you can grow proteins for making alternative leather, turns out there’s other use cases too, including producing collagen for the beauty industry.

Our guest today in this episode is Catherine Roggero-Lovisi, the CEO of Modern Meadow, a company that is revolutionizing the fashion industry by creating sustainable, biofabricated materials. With Modern Meadow’s drop-in green technology platforms, companies in the textiles, materials, and personal care industries no longer have to compromise between sustainability and performance. At a time when greenwashing is at its peak, Modern Meadow is making a difference, and they have the data to prove it.

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