Introducing Fashion Forward: A New Column on the Future of Fashion

fashion-facebookAs a part of our ongoing efforts at Electric Runway to bring you stories, expertise, and inspiration from the front lines of fashion tech, we’ve launched a brand new content initiative. It’s called Fashion Forward, and it’s a series of columns on the future of fashion.

Here’s how it works: Subscribe here, and the Fashion Forward column will appear in your inbox biweekly (that’s twice a month, not twice weekly). We’ll cover topics such as connected clothing, smart jewellery, augmented retail, and virtual reality. If you love what you’re reading, please forward this to a friend.

If you’re not already in-the-know, we also produce a weekly podcast featuring interviews with the makers and shakers of fashion tech ? You can subscribe on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher. We’ve also been releasing a weekly video recap of what you need to know in Fashion Tech ? Subscribe on YouTube. For daily fashion tech inspiration, follow Electric Runway on Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you for coming along with us as we unravel this next chapter in our humanity ⚡️

Amanda Cosco
Amanda is a freelance journalist and consultant focused on the intersection of fashion and technology and the founder of Electric Runway.

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