Introducing the Smart Wallet you Can’t Lose 

Have you ever lost your wallet before? Anyone who has knows the hassle: nevermind if there was cash inside, much more frightening is the threat of identity theft, as you’re left scrambling to freeze bank accounts and replace licenses.

Enter Woolet, a new wallet that’s branding itself as the unlosable, anti-theft smart wallet. Here’s how it works: Woolet uses miniature sensors that sync with your smartphone. If the Woolet wallet is left behind, it sends a notification to the phone via the Woolet App. The app will show the distance between you and the wallet so you can trace your steps and recover it before it’s too late.

Later this month, Woolet will be fundraising on Kickstarter to finance additional features that protect both your wallet and your phone from being lost or taken. Users have the option to “arm” their wallets to be informed of even the slightest movements, which are picked up by the Howl’s accelerometer. Change the position of the wallet and an alarm will go off immediately and deliver a notification to the user’s smartphone. The company says the gym or locker room would be the ideal use case, as often times people leave their valuables unattended in these shared spaces, which leads to theft.

Additional features include wireless charging for the wallet and RFID-blocking to protect your bank cards. To learn more about the Woolet and it’s new upgrade, the Woolet Howl, check out their website here. And be sure to stay tuned to Kickstarter—the Woolet Howl goes live August 8TH.


Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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