Is this the Future of Fit?

If you’ve ever ordered clothing online, you’ve probably found yourself praying to the fashion gods the items you’re purchasing will fit. After all, with so many brands and different interpretations of size, it seems you’re always risking it when clicking for clothes.

Merchandise that doesn’t fit isn’t just a problem for consumers, it also affects retailers. According to a research report from the National Retail Federation, $260.5 billion worth of merchandise was returned in 2015 alone. And, as a six-year study from University of North Carolina’s Flagler Business School points out, the number one reason for returns is incorrect product size. All this data suggests there’s a gap in eCommerce that’s a huge pain-point for both retailers and consumers (because, after all, who really wants to deal with an online return?)

A new fashion tech startup aims to take the guesswork out of fit. Introducing ZOZOSUIT, a high-tech bodysuit that promises to capture size data from 15,000 points on your body. The garment looks a lot like a wetsuit, except it’s equipped with tiny modules that appear to be sensors. The suit interfaces with an app, so you can have your exact sizing details in the palm of your hand. Whether or not ZOZO US plans to licence their product to other retailers remains to be seen, but their Twitter account indicates we can expect a clothing label in spring 2018. Watch the video below to understand just how the process will work.

Would you buy and try a ZOZOSUIT if it took the guesswork out of shopping online? Do you find yourself hesitating to shop online because you’re unsure of fit? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Electric_Runway.

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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