July 2022 Fashion Innovation Round-Up

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Welcome to the Fashion Innovation Round-up, a monthly summary of the most salient stories at the intersection of fashion and technology.

July 2022 Executive Summary

While we may be in the dog days of summer, a recent release from Nike hints at what we can expect from the future of fashion. The AR Genesis hoodie is among the first collectible items released from RTFKT since the virtual goods company was acquired by Nike at the end of 2021. This limited-edition hoodie may look like a regular piece of clothing, but it’s actually embedded with NFC technology (short for near-field communication). When scanned, the hoodie activates an augmented reality experience.

While NFC technology has mainly been adopted for contactless payment, there’s enormous potential for apparel and accessories. If 2021 was the year of NFT technology, 2022 may be shaping up to be the year of NFC.

Digital Fashion

Depop brings virtual thrifting to gaming with the Sims 

Nike and RTFKT partner on phygital hoodie 

STYLE.ME Partners with XRSPACE for another Digital Fashion Week 


Meta shared new research toward the realistic simulation of clothes for avatars.

DressX becomes the digital partner of choice for dressing Facebook’s avatars 


Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga unveil video game experience

Kim Jones, artistic director of Dior mens, is creating a capsule of skins as well as a virtual custom vintage car for ther video game Gran Turismo 7.


Christian Lacroix releases an NFT, titled the Rêves de Soie collection, based on the designer’s signature scarves. The NFTs were on offer alongside the physical scarves.

Augmented Retail

Snapchat Unveils Exclusive Augmented Reality (AR) Shopping Features in Singapore

Guess partners with real estate technology Matterport for standardizing merchandising across locations 

Conversation on Digital Fashion you may have Missed

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