Merging Style and Science to Optimize Tailoring for the Modern World

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Here’s a question for apparel retailers: how do you close more sales with shoppers and ensure they don’t return the items they purchase from your store? Answer: make sure they’re happy with the experience and the product they ended up with. For a long time, an easy way luxury department stores and some high-end retailers ensured customer satisfaction was by offering free tailoring. But with more people shopping at different locations and even shopping online, how can tailoring be optimized for the modern world?  Enter Hemster, a tailoring business that merges style and science to bring traditional customization to today’s consumers. They work with apparel retailers who sell in-store and online to capture and store a customer’s perfect measurements and ensure that customer is always ordering the right size and receiving an item that’s made to fit them. Our guest today is Allison Lee, the CEO & Founder of Hemster. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how her B2B2C business ends up creating a better experience for the end-user of the apparel product, i.e. customers like me, by providing the last mile of customization-as-a-service. It’s an interesting business model, which makes for an interesting conversation. 

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