Muse’s Latest Brain-Sensing Headband Wants to go to bed with you

Long-time readers of Electric Runway will be familiar with InteraXon, the Canadian wearable-tech company that has built a reputation for its award-winning consumer-grade neurotechnology. Their Muse product line—a series of headbands equipped with sensors— offer neuro and biofeedback that respond to your physiological state and train your brain for mindfulness. This week, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, InteraXon revealed Muse S, their newest offering that’s designed specifically for sleep. 

S is for SOFT, and for SLEEP

Unlike the original Muse and the Muse 2, Muse S is made of a soft, plush material, making it ideal for bedtime and for travel. In addition to meditations focused on the mind, heart, body, and breath, the Muse S also includes a series of Go-to-Sleep Journeys that are meant to move your wandering mind away from the busy thoughts that keep you awake and gently guide you into a restful slumber. Each Go-to-Sleep Journey has its own unique soundscape which is made up of individual sounds that are layered with your feedback sounds to create a personalized soundscape.

First Look

We had the chance to test out the Muse S before its official release, and it’s definitely a new experience. Unlike previous generations, the Muse S’s sensors are just as soft as the fabric, which means the device won’t leave a mark on your forehead when worn for long periods of time. Like the original Muse and the Muse 2, Muse S takes a little bit of getting used to in terms of how to wear it (it took me about 3-4 meditation sessions to know exactly where to place the headband on my head in order for the sensors to pick up my brain signals properly). 

I also like that the brains of the hardware on Muse S live inside a small magnetic pod that snaps onto the crown of the headband—making charging easy and convenient. You’ll also notice improved battery life on the Muse S compared to previous iterations.

Other than the hardware and the form factor, the biggest difference for me between the original Muse and Muse S is that Muse S is made for going to sleep. The Go-to-Sleep Journeys are clearly designed to offer a unique experience that enables Muse to compete with popular apps like Headspace and Calm. 

The Go-to-Sleep Journeys are really immersive—I did the underwater experience and at one point I had to open my eyes and make sure I was still in my bed. There’s this magical time in-between when you’re awake and when you’re asleep that’s ripe for visualization and imagination. 

Muse S retails for $349.99 US and is available at and on Amazon in North America with a worldwide release coming soon.

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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