Q&A with Electric Runway Curator Amanda Cosco on wearables on the runway

Ahead of Electric Runway’s launch party, MaRS Discovery District reached out to find out what people could expect from this much-anticipated first-of-its-kind fashion tech show in Toronto. They published this article plus Q&A on their website.

Cellphone holsters and belt clips are now considered ancestors of the wearable technology movement. No longer a geek niche, the next generation of wearable tech is becoming seamlessly synthesized into the clothes we wear—fashion wearables—with less of an emphasis on practicality and more so on sleekness and style.

Two of this year’s hottest consumer-focused trends—gadgets and minimalism—clash head on. Will fashion-conscious women be willing to wear bulky, masculine devices strapped to their bodies? Probably not. For a startup to successfully produce and market a tech accessory in today’s market, the gadget’s esthetic quality can be equally as important as its functionality.

Presented in coordination with We Are Wearables and the Maker Festival Toronto launch party, Electric Runway will explore and consider the intersection of fashion and technology

Electric Runway MaRS DD

Read the full article by Megan Stulberg on the MaRS Blog 

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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