Review: Muse, the Brain-Sensing Headband

Fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco gives you an up-close look at Muse, the brain-sensing headband that trains your brain for mindfulness by monitoring the electrical activity of your brain. This wearable device interfaces with your smartphone to translate your thoughts into soundscapes, enabling you to better understand when your mind has wandered and equipping you with the tools to be more present.

This video borrows footage from Muse to best illustrate for audiences how the device works. This post is not endorsed or sponsored by Muse, although they did provide Electric Runway the headband for a future fashion runway show last year. Watch the sizzle reel from the show here.

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway


  • David Balmer

    As an experienced meditator, I can quickly enter the ‘zone’. A half hour goes by easily and simply and awareness of deviation is front and centre. Meditation is both the simplest and the hardest thing to practice with ‘practice’ being the only way to achieve anything. So apart from helping people to reach a consistently calm state via the Muse device, is there any other benefit apart from its ability to confirm state-status? Would I, as a long-time meditator, genuinely discover anything new about my meditation practice? BTW, enjoyed your crisp presentation very much. Thanks.

    • Amanda Cosco

      Hey David, and thanks for watching & for your kind comments about the video. In my personal opinion, I think Muse is a great tool for entering people into meditation. This said, I know long-time meditators who use Muse as a tool to deepen their meditation. One thing I didn’t fully explain in the video is that the app uses a kind of gamification to help you improve states where you’re experiencing the ‘quite mind.’ I love Muse because it’s a great example of how wearable tech can really help people, and it’s also a Toronto-based company. I have interviewed the founder, Ariel Garten, twice and she is so inspirational. You can watch her TED talk here:

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