Samsung Debuting Smart Belt at #CES2016

For those of you who like your wearable tech served more ‘wearable’ and less ‘tech,’ Samsung has cooked up something just for you (provided you’re a dude, or like wearing dude’s belts).

In just a few days, Samsung will debut a smart belt (called WELT) at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The belt promises to monitor waist size, eating habits, steps taken, as well as the amount of time spent sitting down. According to Samsung, the belt uses sensor technology to gather body metrics, and then interfaces with your smartphone to help you make sense of your biodata. What’s not clear is how sophisticated the sensors will be when it comes to food intake (dear lord, do the gadgets know what we’re eating?)


The project is one of three under the company’s Creative Lab umbrella (or “C-Lab” for the hip kids) that will be on display at Eureka Park at CES this week. While the WELT belt won’t necessarily be available to consumers, the company says it’s a concept piece and they’re looking for feedback.

Samsung is positioning WELT as a health wearable, with obvious aim at the obesity epidemic. While many of us are self-conscious of our post-holiday belly bulge, we have to pause and ask: Does the world really need another gadget for monitoring or bodies, or is that sector looking a little swollen?

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Images via Samsung Newsroom

Amanda Cosco
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