Shoes That are an Extension of the Foot

While some companies are dipping their toes into experimenting with digital technology, you could say our guest today on the Electric Runway podcast has put both feet forward ?? Sandra Gault is the CEO and Founder of True Gault, a company revolutionizing the way we buy shoes. On, customers are invited to engage in an array of leading technologies, from a scanning app that ensures the right fit to a design software that allows users to customize colours and leathers. Kicks are handmade in Spain and delivered to your door in less than a month in the US & Canada for starting at $250 a pair. Here to talk about data, material science, and what it’s like to be a “geek in heels” is Sandra Gault of True Gault.

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Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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