The Return of the Classic Timepiece

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by tech columnist Ramona Pringle of the CBC regarding my thoughts on smartwatches, and how classic-looking timepieces seem to be making a comeback, even if they include smart features. 

Want to spend less time on your phone? Consider an old-fashioned analog watch

For a younger generation, the simple device alleviates the stress of constant connection


Imagine being able to check the time without being flooded by a tsunami of calendar updates, text messages and email notifications. It might seem like an absurd concern. But as more and more people trade their good old-fashioned analog watches for smartphones and smartwatches, it’s become the new reality for some.Yet the humble wristwatch hasn’t completely gone away — and, in fact, among millennials there’s evidence to suggest it’s seeing a resurgence.

What popular upstarts like MVMTLinjer and Kapten & Son have in common is that the companies are founded by and geared toward millennials. They tend to market themselves heavily on social media, and some have even have financed their initial production runs of stylish-yet-inexpensive watch designs through million-dollar online crowdfunding campaigns.

Read Ramona Pringle’s full article on the comeback of classic watches on CBC, including thoughts from Electric Runway founder Amanda Cosco

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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