Snap’s Snapback: From Puking Rainbows to Enterprise Evolution

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Snap has come a long way from puking rainbows. The company has been steadily developing its artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies for years, and is now rolling out a B2B SaaS offering for retailers and merchants. ARES, or Augmented Reality Enterprise Services, enables clients to leverage Snap’s 3D viewer, virtual try-on, and fit-finder solutions into their brand-owned apps and platforms. This suite of services is already reducing return rates, decreasing cart abandonment, and increasing purchases.

In this episode, Fashion Innovation Journalist Amanda Cosco takes audiences to Snap’s Partner Summit in Santa Monica, California for intimate conversations with some of the key people at Snap working on apparel, retail, and digital identity.

In this episode:

Carolina Arguelles Navas – Head of Global AR Product Strategy & Product Marketing at Snap
Rajni Jacques – Global Head of Fashion & Beauty at Snap
David Rosenberg – Director of Strategy for Bitmoji

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Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway