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In a World of Greenwashing, Modern Meadow is the Real Deal

Advancements in science have opened up new possibilities for fashion manufacturing.  One promising application of biotechnology in the textile industry is the development of lab-grown or "cultured" materials such as leather and silk. These materials are created by growing cells…
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Redesigning Retail with Artificial Intelligence

It's 2020, and if you’re on online retailer not already thinking about the implications of artificial intelligence on your business then allow today’s episode to provoke your consideration: Our guest today is Ashwini Asokan, the CEO and founder of Vue.Ai, a US/India-based startup that has developed an AI platform to help online retailers increase sales and work more efficiently. They do this by automating simple yet important tasks such as product tagging and personalized recommendations.
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Poshmark Comes to Canada

In Episode 115 of the Electric Runway Podcast, FashionTech Journalist Amanda Cosco welcomes Poshmark back to the show. This time, we're speaking with Maria Morales, the Director of International Expansion. She's here to tell us about Poshmark’s venture into Canada.…
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