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In a World of Greenwashing, Modern Meadow is the Real Deal

Advancements in science have opened up new possibilities for fashion manufacturing.  One promising application of biotechnology in the textile industry is the development of lab-grown or "cultured" materials such as leather and silk. These materials are created by growing cells…
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Green is the New Black

Whether you’re an emerging label or a behemoth like H&M, the name of the fashion game today is sustainability. Consumers increasingly demand to know who made their clothes, and they want to ensure the materials involved are not only high-performing…
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Why AR is Our new Mirror

In this episode of the Electric Runway podcast, journalist Amanda Cosco interviews Karim Roushdy, the founder of Meraya. Meraya is an augmented reality app for trying on accessories. The app leverages facial recognition technology as well as artificial intelligence to…
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Lisa Lang Announces The Power House

Throughout her career, Lisa Lang has played a central role in defining FashionTech and cultivating a community of designers, technologists, engineers, and corporate interest. The Berlin-based entrepreneur founded one of the world's first wearable tech brands to be available on…
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Women & Wearables Recap Podcast

Fashion Tech Journalist Amanda Cosco takes you inside Women and Wearables, an event produced earlier this year by Electric Runway in collaboration with We Are Wearables, the world's largest wearable technology meetup. The night aimed to celebrate women and tech…
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