Fashion Tech

A First Look at Focals by North

North’s first retail location in Canada may look like a regular designer eyewear store, but inside, customers are offered a glimpse of the future. The company, formerly Thalmic Labs, has rolled out a pair of augmented reality eyeglasses that are both fashionable and functional. They’re called Focals, and they cost more than $1000 Canadian.
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London Bets Big on Personalization

From curated recommendations to selecting the patterns and finishings on a made-to-order dress shirt, personalizing products or experiences isn't just a nice option for shoppers, it's an emerging trend. As the Business of Fashion reports, personalization is expected to be one…
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Green is the New Black

Whether you’re an emerging label or a behemoth like H&M, the name of the fashion game today is sustainability. Consumers increasingly demand to know who made their clothes, and they want to ensure the materials involved are not only high-performing…
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