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June Fashion Innovation Round-up

Welcome to the Fashion Innovation Round-up, a monthly summary of the most salient stories at the intersection of fashion and technology. June 2022 Executive Summary While June is typically a slow month for fashion, this year is an exception to…
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Catch me on the BLUMEx Podcast

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ravi Ravindran of the BLUMEx podcast. Our conversation covered everything from the evolving definition of fashion-tech to the use of artificial intelligence to augment human senses. Tune in and…
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Wearing Tech to Live Your Best Life

In this episode of the Electric Runway podcast, fashion futurist Amanda Cosco interviews James Swanwick, an advocate for wellness and a good night's sleep. His company, Swanwick Sleep, helps people sleep better with their blue-light-blocking glasses. Swanwick says the amount of blue light transmitted from our devices such as laptops and smartphones is disruptive to our circadian rhythm, and can actually lead to macular degeneration or vision loss.
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This Smart Dress Tracks how Often Women Are Groped in Clubs

The Schweppes Dress for Respect Campaign tracked in real-time how often three women were touched at one party in Brazil. At the centre of the campaign were three party dresses, each equipped with pressure sensors. The sensors captured information about where and how often their wearers’ bodies were touched. This data was then relayed to a team through Bluetooth technology.
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