Wearable Tech

Hands on with the Motiv Ring

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uMyrdnFZ1o&t=16s In our latest video, I unbox and share my first impressions of the Motiv ring, a smart ring from Motiv Inc. The sleek, lightweight piece of jewellery retails for $199 USD and is available in seven sizes and two colours. By…
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Shoes That are an Extension of the Foot

Ladies, it's 2017—why do our high heels still hurt us? Our guest today on the Electric Runway podcast has the answer (and the solution, too!) Sandra Gault is the founder of True Gault, company revolutionizing the way we buy shoes. On TrueGalt.com, customers are invited to engage in an array of technologies, from a scanning app that ensures the perfect fit to a design software that lets me customize colours and leathers. Kicks are handmade in Spain and start at $250 a pair and are shipped to your door in less than a month in the US & Canada. Say goodbye to your blisters, babes
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