In each episode, fashion tech expert Amanda Cosco interviews the makers and shakers of the industry.

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The Innovation Era with Maureen Conners

What’s the Innovation Era, and why should you care? To find out, we speak with Maureen Conners. Maureen is a speaker and consultant on the innovation economy as well as an experienced board member. In our interview for the Electric Runway podcast, Maureen shares insights on changing consumer behaviour and new business models that are reshaping fashion as we know it.
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The eBay of Tomorrow

Welcome to the third season of the Electric Runway podcast! Kicking off our first episode of the new year, fashion tech expert Amanda Cosco interviews Camille Kowalewski, Head of Communications at eBay Canada. We all know the eBay of the past,…
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Why AR is Our new Mirror

In this episode of the Electric Runway podcast, journalist Amanda Cosco interviews Karim Roushdy, the founder of Meraya. Meraya is an augmented reality app for trying on accessories. The app leverages facial recognition technology as well as artificial intelligence to…
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