Turning Pollution into Profit | In Conversation with Stephanie Benedetto of Queen of Raw

Today we’re continuing our coverage of WEAR Conference—that’s the World Ethical Apparel Roundtable—taking place October 7th-8th in Toronto. In this episode, fashion futurist Amanda Cosco speaks with Stephanie Benedetto, the CEO and Founder of Queen of Raw. Queen of Raw is a global online marketplace to buy and sell sustainable and deadstock fabrics and textiles. Stephanie shares more about her long family history in apparel as well as how Queen of Raw is saving billions—yes, you read that right, BILLIONS— of gallons of water by rescuing textiles from landfill. Her fashion business is a shining example of how even small startups can have a global impact, and how sustainable business models can be ones that are also good for people and planet.


Catch Stephanie at WEAR Conference, taking place October 7th and 8th in Toronto. Electric Runway audiences can receive 15% off by using the discount code ER 15

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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