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Happy new year! On today’s episode of the Electric Runway podcast, Amanda Cosco’s conversation with friend and colleague Tom Emrich. How long will it be before we’re all decked out in 3D printed shoes and self-heating jackets? Tom—or wearable tech’s biggest fan, as I like to think of him—sheds light on what’s new and next in the wonderful world of technology worn on the body. PLUS! He brings in some wearables to play for for show (describe?) and tell. Listen to the full episode here:

Some of the fashion tech mentioned …

Sensoree BioMedia

SensoreeSensoree is a San Francisco-based company experimenting with extimacy (external intimacy). We play with their GER mood sweater—a sweater that uses LED lights and a Galvanic Skin Response Sensor (GSR Sensor) to translate emotion into colour. Sensors worn on the hands measure the electrical conductance of the skin and translates that data into colours displayed on the cowel of the sweater (blue means calm and relaxed, red means nervous or in love, etc.)

Sensoree literally lets you wear your heart on your sleeve. Amanda wore the GER Mood Sweater the whole interview with Tom (hence the subtle shuffling noise in the background). Looks like she was cool and collected when this photo was taken ?

Tom predicts that a concept piece like Sensoree could find an interesting use case in therapy, or to help seniors or autistic children communicate.

Vagalume Visible


From wearable light for wellness to wearable light for safety. We named Vagalume as a company to watch in our round-up from WEST Conference. Tom brought in a few samples from this Toronto-based company aimed at cyclists and runners. Vagalume combines high-performance fabrics with embedded light technology to increase visibility for wearers.

Want to learn more about the future of electronics worn on the body? We’re at CES this week to uncover the future of fashion. Follow along on ?Twitter and ?Instagram at @Electric_Runway.

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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