Wendy Ng & Eric Boyd: “Clothing Can Enhance Our Humanity”

He’s computers and she’s couture. Technologist Eric Boyd and fashion designer Wendy Ng have been collaborating on concept pieces for the runway that blend technology and fashion (You may have seen their work at Fashion Art Week Toronto, Cirque-It, Futuera, or even Electric Runway’s launch party in July). Their next collaboration will be for Make Fashion, a high tech, high-fashion runway show taking place April 2 in Calgary Alberta. The two share their experiences crossing over into one another’s worlds and what’s we can expect from their Make Fashion debut.


Garments mentioned:

Aurelia Aurita

The Aurelia Aurita (a.k.a. “jellyfish dress”) as shown on the runway at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT):

Aurelia Aurita at Cirque-It:

Tyvek Spiker Vest at Electric Runway:

North Skirt: 

A collaboration between Eric Boyd and Meredith Scheff

Link Love:

Learn more about Wendy Ng’s fashion brand Dystropolis here.

Check out North Paw, a wearable anklet created by Eric Boyd under the umbrella of his company Sensebridge.

North paw vibrates when you’re facing north to give you a better sense of direction. It trains your brain to inherently know which was is north, thus equipping you with a kind of sixth sense.

Save the Date:

Wendy and Eric will be participating in Make Fashion, a high-tech, high-fashion runway show April 2nd in Calgary, Alberta.

More information here. Learn more about Make Fashion’s newly opened wearable tech lab and maker space Archeloft, here.

Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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