Zach Pearl: “Art and Science are a Dialogue”

We often think that art and science are like girls and boys at their first junior high school dance—each standing awkwardly at the opposite side of the room avoiding each other like the plague. But in truth, art and science have always grooved together.

The relationship between art and science—and specifically fashion and technology—is the subject of this week’s podcast. Our guest is Zach Pearl, the artistic director of Subtle Technologies, a long-standing festival that takes place each year in Toronto. For their 19th year of programming, Subtle Tech has honed in on the future of fashion.

“We’re beginning to see how fashion has a multimedia aspect to it” says Pearl.

He believes that art and science are a dialogue, and have always informed one another. For example, he says, look at the way binary code borrows from the warp and weft of fabrics. Our conversation with him touches on the long-standing relationship between technology and textiles, as well as what audiences can expect from his festival, on this week in Toronto.

Subtle Technologies Seamless Visions-2

This year’s festival includes a wearable tech runway show that offers AR and VR components, as well as performances exploring notions of proximity using electromagnetic fields. A night of panel talks from leading thinkers and scholars working at the intersection of art and media will help shed light onto the future of fashion, while interactive workshops empower audiences to become makers.

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Amanda Cosco
Amanda Cosco is a Fashion Futurist and the founder of Electric Runway

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