Toronto’s House of VR Wants to Show You a New Reality

In our latest video, we take you inside House of VR, Toronto’s newest virtual reality lounge and event space. We speak with co-founder Jonah Brotman about hosting the 6ix’s first AR/VR Industry night with We Are Wearables, as well as the space’s first augmented reality art exhibit. Prosthetic Reality invites attendees to view artworks through a smartphone app. Watch as art comes to life via augmented reality

Press Release

Tile Gets Style

If you’re like me and you’re always wondering where you left your keys (usually in the door) then you’ve probably heard of Tile. The Silicon Valley-based company is on a mission to help people find the things that matter…


Join Me at TakeOver Toronto!

This just in: Toronto has a new conference you don’t want to miss. Our friends at TribalScale are launching TakeOver Toronto, an event focused on how innovation is disrupting humans, economies and industries. I’m so pleased to announce that…


Putting the ‘AR’ in Art

Before Nintendo and PlayStation became household staples for middle-class American gamers, there were the arcades of the late 70s and early 80s. For many of that era, games like Donkey Kong and Space Invaders were first experienced as big…


AR + VR Industry Night in Toronto

On August 2nd, 2017, I had the opportunity to take the stage at House of VR for We Are Wearables’ VR/AR Industry Night. For those not in the know, We Are Wearables is the world’s largest wearable technology community,…


Here’s what you Need to Know About Hemp Black

As my home country of Canada readies itself to legalize smoking marijuana for recreational use, many companies are rethinking at the textile opportunity for cannabis. By offering itself as an alternative to leather, hemp can reduce our environmental footprint. It’s also…

Fashion Tech Friday

Hands on with the Amazon Echo Look

Fashion Tech journalist Amanda Cosco unboxes and shared first impressions of Amazon's latest Alexa-powered product, the Amazon Echo Look. Targeted towards fashionistas, the Echo Look takes photos of your outfits and can give you style advice from industry experts.…


Phone Case Giveaway

Do you love expressing your unique style through your tech? Do you have an iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, then we have a giveaway for you. These silicon iPhone…


Lina Wassong – 3D Printing the Future of Fashion

In the world of fashion tech, designer Lina Wassong is a rising star and a woman-to-watch. Her most recent creation combines artificial intelligence with 3D printing for a high-tech spin on the little black dress …


Shoes That are an Extension of the Foot

Ladies, it's 2017—why do our high heels still hurt us? Our guest today on the Electric Runway podcast has the answer (and the solution, too!) Sandra Gault is the founder of True Gault, company revolutionizing the way we…


Personalization is the Name of the Game

When it comes to trends in retail innovation, the name of the game is personalization. The customer of tomorrow wants to be able to customize their purchases to add their own unique flare. Bespoke may have once been a…


Introducing the Smart Wallet you Can’t Lose 

Have you ever lost your wallet before? Anyone who has knows the hassle: nevermind if there was cash inside, much more frightening is the threat of identity theft, as you’re left scrambling to freeze bank accounts and replace licenses.…


Amanda Cosco mentioned in Wareable

Recently, our friend and colleague Marija Butkovic was featured in Wareable for her mission to finance female founders. The article, written by Sophie Charara, references Electric Runway founder Amanda Cosco. Thanks so much for the mention! Read the full article on…


The Return of the Classic Timepiece

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by tech columnist Ramona Pringle of the CBC regarding my thoughts on smartwatches, and how classic-looking timepieces seem to be making a comeback, even if they include smart features.  Want to spend less…


Chromat X Mac

If you’re like me and you’ve been following #FashionTech for some time, it’s likely you’ve heard of Chromat. The architectural swim and athletic wear brand designed for strong, powerful women has stolen headlines since launching in 2010. Spearheaded by ladyboss…