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    Shopping with Machine Learning and Computer Vision

    In this year’s final episode of the Electric Runway podcast, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco interviews Anjolie Kulkarni of PIXT, a New York-based fashion app that leverages machine learning and computer…

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    Is this the Future of Fit?

    If you’ve ever ordered clothing online, you’ve probably found yourself praying to the fashion gods the items you’re purchasing will fit. After all, with so many brands and different interpretations of…

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    Why AR is Our new Mirror

    In this episode of the Electric Runway podcast, journalist Amanda Cosco interviews Karim Roushdy, the founder of Meraya. Meraya is an augmented reality app for trying on accessories. The app leverages…

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    The Fight Against Winter is Finally a Fair one

    Winter has arrived, and while the season spells bright lights and hot chocolate, it also means temperatures that dip below freezing. Keep the chill off with these heated accessories and apparel…

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    Meet the New Oura Ring

    For those of you who’ve been following Electric Runway, you know that we’re huge fans of Oura Ring. We were there when the company received an award at CES, we’ve interviewed…