Digital innovations and technological advancements have disrupted business as we know it. In today’s volatile landscape, how is one to keep up?

Electric Runway consults brands to provide expertise into the rapidly evolving world of fashion tech. We take a generous approach to defining fashion tech, allowing it to incorporate concepts from future fabrication to next-generation retail. Whether you need a cutting-edge approach for your digital strategy or require key insights into a specific vertical of wearable technology, we’re here to help.

As experts focused on this niche, we’re uniquely positioned to help you. We work closely with you to determine priorities and come up with concrete deliverables that make sense for your business goals. 

 We believe that knowledge isn’t just power, it’s also money. Our insights will save you time and resources and better equip you to make informed business decisions that impact your bottom line.

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Great products are developed through iteration and a deep understanding of market needs. Electric Runway works with both startups and established brands to prepare new products for launch as well as to improve on existing ones. We help companies understand the fashion-tech landscape so they can better position their brands against the competition. By providing insights, product feedback, and targeted user-experience testing, we help bring memorable and useful products to market.


In today's data-driven world, there's no reason to be guessing when it comes to important business decisions. Leverage our research skills to help guide your way. We work with stakeholders from the apparel, manufacturing, and retail sectors to craft custom reports that address key areas of concern for your company. Our trend forecasts show you where markets are headed so you're able to shape strategies, future-proof your business, and lead your team with confidence.


We have a proven track record of identifying and building audiences in the fashion-tech space and beyond. We believe any communications plan today needs to be specific, authentic, and consistent across multiple platforms. Electric Runway helps brands make the most of their marketing budget by shaping strategies that align with business goals and resonate with today’s digital and social audiences.

What people are saying


Amanda is a visionary with a passion for retail, fashion, and the ways in which these industries are transforming.
She always has her eye on what’s coming next, which makes her an essential resource for anyone looking to future-proof their businesses. She is highly creative and interdisciplinary in her approach, and she’s all about enhancing relationships and pushing the industry forward. Amanda also has a great stage presence, which is why we chose her to interview fashion legend Joe Mimran on stage at the inaugural Takeover Toronto conference. We look forward to working with her again both as a speaker and contributor to client-facing projects and research reports.

Roger Chabra
Roger Chabra
Venture Capitalist & CIO at TribalScale

Amanda has proven to be a valuable resource in our growth efforts in both fashion and retail. As a result of her industry expertise and professional network, Amanda was able to accurately pair us up with an invaluable key strategic partner that resulted in our exposure to many of the top global executives in the retail space. Working with Amanda has helped us save time, money, and shortened our learning curve in the retail space.

Mike Turino
Mike Turino
Head of Sales & Partnerships at YouVisit