Fit & Pricing

At Electric Runway, we believe the best work is developed through strong relationships where both parties derive value from the arrangement. In addition to providing you with the right information you need to evaluate us, we assess prospective clients, events, and partners to determine whether we see a good fit for partnership.


  • Have an initial project budget of greater than $3K
  • Spend $30K- $50K on research, consulting, and advisory annually
  • Value the contributions that experts can make

 If it sounds like we’re a good fit to work together, contact us and let’s begin the conversation


We prefer to work with clients on a long-term, retainer basis, as it allows us to get more deeply involved and yield greater results. Clients who leverage our expertise on an ongoing basis typically spend $10K to $30K with us annually.

Budget planning is part of the strategic process, and funds are allocated based on the priorities identified each year. For à la carte services, we typically earn project fees in the following ranges:

  • Consulting sessions: $150/hr (Conducted virtually)
  • Research papers: $5K to $15K (depending on page count)
  • Trend reports: $5 to $15K (depending on page count)
  • Public Relations & Social Media: $30K to $50K annually
  • Event Curation: $5K – $10K (depending on project scope)

For speaking engagements, Amanda Cosco charges the following:

  • Keynote speaking: $5K to $10K
  • Panel Moderation: $2K to $5K
  • Event Hosting / Emceeing: $5K to $10K (depending on length of event) 
  • Runway Shows: please inquire, but check out this page to get a sense of some typical packages
  • Media Partnerships and influencer campaigns: Learn more here


Wait time for starting a new project currently is: 

2 weeks